[PI] Independent Productions

The [PI] Independent Productions is an association that promotes cultural production, creation and touring of dance and performance artists, projects as well as participatory and community projects.

[PI] Produções Independentes is a association of independent producers that aims to promote the work as independent production by sharing and providing resourses.
Formed as a cultural assoctiation in 2099 by professional producers, [PI] created conditions as a platform for management and production.
Produces the work of Rui Catalão.


Tânia M. Guerreiro - Production

First studied Scenography on Superior School of Theatre and Cinema, finished in Barcelona in Institut del Teatre. Complemented the formation with the course of Production of Dance of Forum Dança. Producer since 1999, worked in the fields of theatre, dance and cinema. In the areas of production of structures of creation, worked in Re.Al (João Fiadeiro), Jangada de Pedra (Aldara Bizarro), Sensurrond (Lúcia Sigalho). Have worked in festivals such has Festival Atlantico (producer), Alkantara Festival (RP), Temps d’Images Festival - Portugal (Communication and Fundraising) and in spaces of programmation such as Casa d’os Dias da Água, ZDB and Transforma. The last two years worked as a coordinator in Rede – Association of Structures for Portuguese Contemporary Dance -, promoting dance and the defense of the interest of dance, and the professional arts field.

Since 2009 created PI – Produções Independentes (Independent Productions), a platform for independent producers and in 2012 began a collaboration with Transforms in Torres Vedras, which develops programming activities.

Since 2014 is Directior of Independent Productions, continuing the work with the creator Rui Catalão, who started 2010 as well as accompanying the work of other artists and more punctual projects. Between 2016 and 2017 was president of REDE. In 2017 created the association Orgia - Organization, Research and Arts to give support to emerging artists and organization of creative programs. In 2018 was jury of “Curtas de Dança” for the DDD festival.

Won the Natércia Campos Award for Best Cultural Producer 2017.


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Marta Moreira, 1978 - Graduated in Fine Arts - Painting, by Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.
Started her professional career as an artist (represented by Galeria Módulo - Centro Difusor de Arte since 2002).
Worked as a producer at Atelier Real (2013-20159 - directed by João Fiadeiro - were she was mostly responsible for managing the atelier and hosting artists that applied for its residency programmes and workshops.
Did real-time translation and subtitling for the play “O que Fazer Daqui para Trás”, by João Fiadeiro.
At Ar de Filmes/Teatro do Bairro (2016-2019) was responsible for managing calendar, producing the space and coordination between the hosted teams and the theater team.
She also produced  the paly “Terror e Miséria”, by Bertolt Brecht, directed by António Pires.
In 2014 created, together with Gonçalo Pena, Luísa Barreto, Candela Varas and Bruno Humberto, Associação Irreal, programming and managing the space between 2016 and 2018.
Collaborates with PI-Produções Independentes and Org.i.a since 2019, as a producer manager for artists such as Carlota Lagido, Rui Catalão, Diana Niepce, Rubén Sabadini e Bruno Humberto e Rui de Almeida Paiva.
In 2019 produced the play “Enseada”, by Miguel Castro Caldas and the exhibition “What is Ornament?”, part of the 2019 Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa.
Is currently working as a producer for the plays “Mina”, by Carlota Lagido, “Ç ava Exploser”, by João Fiadeiro and “Sujeito”, by Andresa Soares.
Also translated the plays “Trópico del Plata” and “80 cosos de un minuto”, by Rubén Sabadini and the Spanish subtitles of the film “Peregrinação” by João Botelho.
In 2019 ilustrated the book “Se o Mundo é Redondo, o Pensamento é ao Quadrado” writen by Rui de Almeida Paiva.


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