Now You Do It!

Rui Catalão


NOW YOU DO IT! Is a theatre workshop where I share my tools do shape our infinite talent for telling stories, develop narratives and create characters – using our own experience as raw material.
NOW YOU DO IT! Is a tool box to learn how to make pieces – to learn how to tell, how to write and how to use objects and devices that belong to our private lifes.
It’s intention is to reinforce the sense of belonging, of taking part and of creating a collective story. Personal stories are then interlaced and integrated into a collective fiction.
For this project, stage work is perceived as a lab for different ways of life – in our lab it’s possible to investigate what we want to be, and all the issues that we witnessed. It’s even possible to investigate how to live in group. It’s about elaborating all the things we would like to make and think over in a protected environment, where experimentation and mistakes are controlled.


Author: Rui Catalão
Assistance: Urândia Aragão, Tiago Gandra and Luis Leonardo Mucauro
Production: [PI] Produções Independentes | Tânia M. Guerreiro
Estruture financed by Governo de Portugal - Secretário de Estado da Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes


João Meirinhos


João Meirinhos

Apresentação Moita 2016 - Parte 2

Documentário "Perguntas Dificeis"

João Meirinhos

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