So Get up, Diana

Diana Niepce

To understand and reinvent the body. To observe the physical limits of a body that exists in a constant state of revision.
To resist in the idea of exhaustive body rehabilitation.
To insist on the dialogue between a body and a mind that travel, between logic and chaos, until reaching the desire to build the body that dances.

Anda Diana positions itself in the sphere of experimentalism. It proposes the questioning of the norm, to demystify prejudices and ideas that society has regarding its aesthetics. The way artists fit in and experience this new way of seeing the body outside the norm - framing the disability on a new level that does not differ from the norm in the rest of the sector - forces a new direction of thought and change of mentalities. Here the disability has no relevance and, although present, it does not show us a body that affirms itself as a victim of the system. This body outside the norm, on the contrary, affirms itself as a revolutionary body.

Anda Diana is a project thought as a stage play that portrays the recovery process of the dancer and acrobat Diana Niepce, who became tetraplegic following an accident.

Direction and performer: Diana Niepce
Direction assistant and performer: Bartosz Ostrowski
Support on dramaturgy: Rui Catalão
Light Design: Carlos Ramos
Sound design: Gonçalo Alegria
Production: PI – Produções Independentes
Co-Production Residency: O Espaço do Tempo
Co-Production: TBA – Teatro do Bairro Alto e Espaço do Tempo