Diana Niepce

We exist with each other, in a conflict that brings love and death closer together. There is a struggle that involves the relationship with the other, and only then can we live a truth in intimacy. The possibility of experiencing this truth on our horizon can never be done without the willingness to go through the crudeness of mutation that disfigures the very notion of the utopian body. This metamorphosis only happens together and against the body of the other, and in it lies the hidden violence of a subversion of roles.

Here, the body exposes itself in the crudeness of arising from nothing, and thus becoming everything. It is lost in the transparent incomprehension of its fragility and subverts this meaning in the perverted provocation of difference. A dance that emerges from the intimate deformation of the state of the observed body. We will never be more than what we are naked.


Artistic direction and choreography: Diana Niepce
Performers: Carolina Carloto, Diana Niepce, Hugo Cabral Mendes, Vítor Hugo Afonso
Light Design: Carlos Ramos
Sound: Jonny Kadaver
Costumes: Silvana Ivaldi
Production: Independent Productions
Coproduction Residencie: O Espaço do Tempo
Coproduction: Centro Cultural de Belém
Support: Lisbon City Hall/ Marvila Library


João Meirinhos

Joaquim Leal

Alípio Padilha