One song to hear you arriving

Sofia Dinger

1st Variation

After what happened, I can't continue to speak exactly the way I used to. I can't and I don't want to. I want to make the differences clear, to testify that things matter. That, sometimes, we really don't know what to do with our voices. So many days will pass between what I am now writing and what will eventually be read that when we get there (you, me, the dead man, the saint, the ghosts, the friend, and the mother), we'll all be so different that this little text may well be a lie. I can't promise anything. I know only that I have listened to a lot of music, because it consoles me.  (As if, (my love), a song could never be forgotten.)
Sofia Dinger


2n Variation

This song is about
I miss you, but sometimes I don´t, because I almost forget (you). I never thought that to mourn would be like this.
It's about the last time we laughed together
that last last time we laughed together
that perfect last time
It's about laughing one last time together, again and again.
This song is about
all those ghosts: I want to talk to them. We can still play birds.


Concept and Performance: Sofia Dinger 
Artistic collaboration:  Rimah Jabr, Rodrigo Amado, Edit Kaldor
Dramaturgy Maria Rößler
Licht and light: : Daniel Worm
Sound design: Tiago Cerqueira and Sérgio Henriques
Co-production Alkantara (Lisbon) and Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon) 
Supported by 1SPACE (KVS / ALKANTARA / EXODUS / Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
Artistic residencies Forum Dança, Rivoli Teatro Municipal do Porto, Latoaria and Osso Colectivo
And a huge thank-you to DAS Theatre (Amsterdam), João Ferro Martins, Ana Dinger and the wise Ludo Abicht.  
Alkantara has the support of República Portuguesa – Cultura | DGArtes


uma canção para ouvir-te chegar, a verse from the poem Podendo servir de posfácio, Mário Cesariny, 1981



João Ferro Martins