Miguel Castro Caldas

MIGUEL CASTRO CALDAS He writes for the stage and for the page, translates and teaches playwriting in the Theater degree at the School of Arts and Design. He worked in theatre with Bruno Bravo, Jorge Silva Melo, Gonçalo Waddington, Miguel Loureiro, António Simão, Tiago Rodrigues, Teresa Sobral, Raquel Castro, Pedro Gil, Lígia Soares, Gonçalo Amorim, Rute Rocha, among others. Some of his texts are published in the collection Livrinhos de Teatro dos Artistas Unidos, the publishers Ambar, Douda Correria, Mariposa Azual, Culturgest, Primeiros Sintomas, and in the magazines Artistas Unidos, Fatal and Blimunda. He translated Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Ali Smith, William Maxwell, Joyce Carol Oates, Salman Rushdie, Senel Paz, among others.


LÍGIA SOARES is a Portuguese choreographer and playwright based in Lisbon. Since 2001 she created more then twenty pieces a solo or in collaboration. Her work has been developed and presented both nationally and internationally. She toke part in several programs of contemporary dance and artistic residencies including Capitals-Encontros Acarte 2002, Tanzfabrik-Berlin, Danceweb Vienna 2008, Fabrik Potsdam, Point-Éphémère, Centre National de la Danse, European Capital of Culture- Guimarães 2012, among others. She is co-director of “Máquina Agradável” (Lisbon) since 2001 and she was co-mentor of the programme for contemporary performing arts “Demimonde” (2011-2013). Her piece “Romance” (2015) was edited by Douda Correria. Her last pieces are “The Lung” (2016) and “Turning Backs” (2017) in collaboration with Rita Vilhena in co-production with the Theatre Rotterdamse Shouwburg. In 2016 she collaborated in the creation of “Se Eu Vivesse Tu Morrias” by Miguel Castro Caldas for Culturgest, Lisbon. She was part of the 1st edition of the Laboratory for playwriting promoted by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in Lisbon in which she wrote the play “Civilização”. 





MIGUEL LOUREIRO Graduated by Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Frequented The Rhetorics of Testing seminar, with Jan Ritsema e Bojsana Cvejic. Performed in theater, opera performance with Nuno Carinhas, Luis Miguel Cintra, Bruno Bravo, João Grosso, Luís Castro, André Guedes, Pedro Barateiro, Sara Carinhas, Lúcia Sigalho, Maria Duarte, Álvaro Correia, Jean-Paul Bucchieri, Carlos Pimenta, André e. Teodósio, João Pedro Vaz and Tónan Quito. As a director, worked with groups like Cão Solteiro, O Rumo do Fumo, Galeria ZDB, Mala Voadora, Nuno M.Cardoso, Miguel Castro Caldas. Received a honorable mention form Associação Portuguesa de Críticos de Teatro and from Contos do Ócio, won the prize for best interpretation in Teatro na Década. Was nominated for Prémio de Teatro Europeu – Novas Realidades Teatrais. Was fundator and artistic director of colectivo 3/quartos. He wote his first play Pergunta a Duquesa ao Criado in 2012.



TIAGO BARBOSA Graduated in Theater Acting in Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Worked as an actor with theater directors such as Miguel Castro Caldas, Nuno Gil, Jorge Andrade and Miguel Pereira,  Martim Pedroso, Mónica Calle, Bernard Sobel, Lúcia Sigalho, Miguel Loureiro, Francisco Alves, João Lourenço, António Pires, Catalina Buzoianu, Jorge Silva Melo, Adelino Tavares, Paulo Lages, Dinarte Branco and Tiago Nogeira, Marcos Barbosa, Renata Portas, Maria Gil and Edward Fão, among others. Worked in dance shows with the choreographers  Vítor Hugo Pontes, Inês Jacques, Joclécio Azevedo, Gustavo Ciríaco, Rita Natálio and Ainhoa Vidal. Took part in television fiction series. Participated in film with the directors Sandro Aguilar, Francisco Manso, Manuel Prada and Patrick Mendes, among others.  Directed and played the show “A Grande Sombra Loira”, based on Florbela Espanca's sonnets (2013). Took part in the Science and Art  project “Raízes da Curiosidade” (2014).




FILIPE PINTO (Painting/FBAUL, Philosophy/FCSH-UNL). Created projects for the Biennials Experimentadesign, a9 gallery))), and for the magazines Imprópria, Intervalo and ESC:ALA. Published essays, criticism and reviews in the magazines Artecapital, Imprópria, Intervalo, Cinema and in artist editions. Lives and works in Lisbon. 


GONÇALO ALEGRIA Recently performed a residency at Casa Independent with the Baldrame project in collaboration with Daniela Silvestre. Baldrame culminated in a series of presentations like radio, performances and concerts. Based on the concepts of sound and the house. Omnibus is his year long project dedicated to write original texts and presenting it as a scenic work, iterative steps as its chapters. Two chapters have already been presented publicly, one in Demimonde December 2013 and the other in Marathon 10 years 10 hours at World Perfect invitation at the Teatro Maria Matos. Collaborates with sound and musical artists in special projects. Has written for a television cooking show *the Secret Ingredient*. He studied music with Walter Lopes, José Eduardo, Mario Delgado. He was professor of Sound and Light in Chapitô. He was a member and founder of Teatro do Vestido between 2001 and 2013. Attended the *Interdisciplinary and Technological Performance Arts*, Gulbenkian Creativity Program in 2008, Frequency of the Ar.Co. Illustration Course between 2002 and 2004. He worked among others with the Company Chaotic, João Ferro Martins, Daniela Silvestre, Máquina Agradável, Teatro do Vestido, Silvia Pinto Coelho, João Pedro Vaz, Suburbe, Teatro Praga, Ninho de Viboras, Teatro Meridional e Teatro Experimental de Cascais. Also edited sound for film. Working in theater since 1999.



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